MoeP.A.R.K 2012


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On 17th of March we went to Paide – the city that’s right in the heart of Estonia. There was the annual fashion event MoeP.A.R.K and we went there to check it out.

Press play and then start scrolling 

The show was very well organised and all the management team did very well, Egle – it was all really well done! They had chosen the perfect hosts as well, what I liked the most was that they changed their bow ties often, so every time they came  to the stage they had different colour on.

One of my favourite collections by Kätlin Haak & Anne Liis Puhk “ANML” they won first place in the category of older students and they also won the public favourite award

But what was my absolute favourite with it’s marvellous prints, simpleness and crazyass high hand-made heels was the collection by Taavi Turk “Kosmogoonia”. Taavi won the first place in college students category.

And some of the outfit shots


With Johanna

Emily and Johanna

With Simkah

The cutest person in the whole wide world

Since there was no one who would take photos of all four of us .. we had to manage on our own


Moedemm 2012

On march 2nd, we went to this fashion show in a school in Tallinn. Mostly because some of my friends were models there and I knew one designer as well. So here are the photos of the night.

Hit play and start scrolling

A collection with really cool headpieces

My girls on the runway

And some great hair inspiration

The winner collection

My gorgeous Sandra (The shirt is hand-made by Maria, it was a christmas present, I’ll show all of the shirts to you in another post)

Mirell, me and Birgit


And my crazy girls just before they called out the winner


Fashion show in Keila school 2012

On friday, the 9th of march, I was at Keila school where they had this annual fashion show … well, I’d say it’s more of a show, not so much connected to fashion. But it was really-really cool. Most of the models and staff were my friends, so it was very fun and cool to be a part of it. I helped them behind-the-scenes. I did the make up for most of the girls, glued eyelashes on and made their eyelids sparkle … at the end of the day I was really exhausted and it was really hot in there. There were times when I thought, that I should’ve worn bikinis.

So hit play and scroll-scroll-scroll

Making Mirell even more fabulous ..if it’s even possible

Some behind-the-scenes/ the actual show pictures

The A-team

Desperate Housewives

And some photos we took after the show



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