On friday, the 9th of march, I was at Keila school where they had this annual fashion show … well, I’d say it’s more of a show, not so much connected to fashion. But it was really-really cool. Most of the models and staff were my friends, so it was very fun and cool to be a part of it. I helped them behind-the-scenes. I did the make up for most of the girls, glued eyelashes on and made their eyelids sparkle … at the end of the day I was really exhausted and it was really hot in there. There were times when I thought, that I should’ve worn bikinis.

So hit play and scroll-scroll-scroll

Making Mirell even more fabulous ..if it’s even possible

Some behind-the-scenes/ the actual show pictures

The A-team

Desperate Housewives

And some photos we took after the show


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